Monday, July 02, 2007

Once again the trough goes empty

Why do we allow our elected officials to do this to us? Maybe because not enough of us pay attention. The legislature (notice I did not use "our legislature") spends and spends. It would be great if they did so sensibly. What we need is infrastructure; repair, maintain, replace or new. We need a skilled workforce. We need an educated populace. We need jobs. We don't need to catch up with other states, we need to bypass them.

We have a chance to try a new group this coming election, let's give them a chance. If they fail, well, throw them out next election. If not Louisiana is doomed to loose it's population, it's businesses, and itself (coastline!).


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Anonymous said...

The day was not a total loss. Scooter doesn't have to sleep with his pants on anymore.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the new thread!

Anonymous said...

We need to start with Senate President Don Hines and go down the list from there.
This state is politically malignant and that cancer needs to be eradicated.

State Treasurer John Kennedy was willing to stand for what was right regardless if he had to stand alone. We need more like him in our government.

Anonymous said...

Hines can't run for anything, well let me restate that - if he wanted to run for representative he could, but why would he? He would go from being president of the senate to a freshman representative. Makes no sense. He's already said he's going home. Don't you understand what term limits are? Most of the "cancer" you speak of won't be back because they can't go back - thank David Vitter for that.

Anonymous said...

Those grown accustomed to slopping at the trough never disappear. Clyde Holloway has an appointed position and before it is over with any term limited out politico will find a sugar tit to continue to enjoy being on the public dole.

Old politicians, most especially worthless ones, never disappear. Jimmy Carter as an example.

Hid and wath where Chawlie Dewitt reappears. He has no other means of support other than deals entered into as a politician. Hell he proved he could not make a living as a farmer.

Anonymous said...

Word is Laura Sylvester was fired yesterday as an assistant city attorney. Does any one know the reason behind thi?

Anonymous said...

yeh--I understand term limits. But I also know that blood sucking leeches find another spot on the host in a nook or cranny.

John Kennedy for Governor!!

Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt Ms. Sylvester was terminated. Never knew of a beaucratic organization doing anything intelligent.

Anonymous said...

Be sure to watch the "LIVE" action show on ch 4...Amos and Andy at their best.

Anonymous said...

The council is putting on a "SHOW" of their lack of intelligence, watch it now on ch 4.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could say that I was surprised as the way the council is acting.....

....but I'm not.

I think everyone saw this coming.

Anonymous said...

since we canot view it until wst finishes uploading--would you elaborate please?

Anonymous said...

same show different day............

makes you want to pay for the vasectomies so they cannot procreate.

Anonymous said...

tell every one you know that they can view the June 12, 2007 council meeting on I wish every one in Alexandria and the United States would see Myron and his roommate, Bridgett in action. The entire black council monkeys do not want this to go
public. Some one needs to stop this behavior legally.

Anonymous said...

As a public service why doesnt someone sponsor 30 minues on KALB or Channel 31 and give to the people who dont have no Inernet a gift . Build it up as "THE MEETING THEY DIDNT WANT YOU TO SEE" If they can't do it as a public service ..WHICH THEY SHOULD then they could do it as a sponsored event....Any one want to float this to Michele??? Or Michele why not do this?? We know we can see it on internet BUT how bout on KALB on ourside!!! Maybe even have some legal scholars to explain all the legal issues involved. Make it something unique....invite councelmen and the Mayor to come on and answer questions.......i would bet you would have a lot of people watch.

Anonymous said...

how bout on KALB on ourside!!!

That's assuming that KALB is on our side isn't it? Why haven't they previously showed the entire thing? It only made it onto the internet because private citizens put it there.

Anonymous said...

The rumors are true, Laura Sylvester was fired on Monday by Charles "Chuck" Johnson. To answer your question as to what the "real" reason behind it, well to quote his words "the City is going in another direction". Translation, he is going in the direction which is under his fat ass' assistants skirt. Pathetic, Pathetic, PATHETIC!

Anonymous said...

Re C Johnson; is there any information you'd like to share w/ the rest of us w/o baseless inuendo??? @ least lay the foundation for the charge asserted in the previous post...
Not disputing, just curious as to potential validity... more details please...

Anonymous said...

Be still my runaway heart. If it is in fact true terminating Ms. Sylvester's employment is the only intelligent thing I have noticed the COA doing in awhile. It must not be effective immediately for I hear she was still pursuing COA legal affairs Monday.

Having had the honor of meeting her in her legal capacity I can tell you (my opinion) she is poorly skilled as a lawyer, her personality is such she is strongly desirious of wanting to be a power bitch and through her lack of knowledge coupled with the cover their ass information provided to her by city employees probably has the COA in a difficult situation vis-a-vis law suits. Of course, these are just my opinions.

Ms. Sylvester apparently never learned 10 pounds of shit will not fit in a 5 pound sack and in attempting to settle a situation it is best not to have the goal of hanging the other parties gonads on her trophy wall rather than trying for a mutually agreable solution (compromise.) Compromise is the best one can hope for whn you don't have a clue as to what is real.

My thoughts are the results of her actions will be a thorn in the side of the City for a long while and wind up costing the City money.

As an aside, the Mayor needs to look at the skill level and ability of his official "keeper of the poles." He is the one that convinced Ms. Sylvester 10 pounds would fit in a 5 pound sack.

It would not surprise me to see the Purchasing Department and Finance Department heading in another direction.

Smartest move the Council has made is having all lawsuits (the motion should have also included appeals which would allow them supervision of ongoing suits) brought before them for approval. I think the council will be amazed at what the legal department has involved the City in without their knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Guess the council gets to approve the lawsuit in which they get sued for failing to abide by the city charter and attempting to run roughshod over city government. That ordinance sure sounds like a good idea. Now the city attorney can rely on that brain trust when making decisions regarding lawsuits brought against the city.

biff said...

watching the council's inability to grasp the simple concept that bridget can't sue the city AND represent the city was truly scary. it was like a car wreck.... you know you shouldn't look, but you do anyway in morbid fascination. following close on the heels of that fiasco, now the council wants to hire employees at an unkown cost and capacity. they also want to run the city's legal department. idiocy. my take though, is to see a silver lining. to me at least, it seems obvious the council has no intention of allowing roy the prerequisites of his office. the sooner this comes to a head and resolved, the better for the citizens of this city.

Anonymous said...

Now the council can hire Myron's room mate and he can award her lots of money!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You know illegal you show your intelligence. Yes, it's true fireworks are predominantly made in China, but a quick search for fireworks factories on the net shows they are also made in Mexico, India, Malta, Philippines, Netherlands, and Italy. It is also interesting to note that to find this out you must read through story after story of factory explosion reports - some in licensed factories, other in illegal factories. To think our nation's skies will be illuminated by fireworks, made by poor people in foreign countries, so we can celebrate our freedom while many of them will never know or be able to comprehend what we enjoy everyday here. That illegal, is what it even the harsher truth - we are putting money into government's pockets who continue to oppress their people just so we can enjoy the simple things in life such as a fireworks celebration.

Louisianapoliticalwatch said...

I know. Those Republicans almost violated the cap twice in the legislature. They are ridiculous. If only Republicans can be as fiscally discilpiined as Democrats.

THE SHADOW said...

To me, though I admit to not being real intelligent, the City Charter is simple. The Charter tasks the Mayor with carrying out the wishes and desires of the City Council. Nothing more, nothing less. Nowwheres in the Charter does it authorize the City Attorney to do anything on his own. That is what Myron was trying to make the ignorant bastard understand. The City Administration is there to to do what the Council allows them to do.

Nowheres in the Charter does it allow the Mayor to make decisions as to policy and direction he just gets to implement the Council's decisions and supervise those that report to him. He can veto Ordances but they can be overidden by the Council. Silvers and Fowlers are as owrthless as tits on a boar hog as to having any effect on anything. The 5 black councilmen decide something it happens.

The City Attorney can bitch and argue all he wants, Roy can talk all he wants but the power resides in the hands of the majority of the council. The voters that thought Roy was going to single handidly straighten out the Amos and Andy club believe in dreams. The Mayor must have the cooperation of the Council to do anything.

As far as Sylvester she thinks she has power. I believe time will prove she has badly hurt the city. Mike Marcotte, "Keeper of the Poles" woul not make a pimple on an engineers ass. His stupidity will, in my opinion, cost the City.

Mike Marcotte and Cruchfield the Finance Director are ass hole buddies and two has beens from Red Simpson that were let go when Red Simpson was bought out. Wonder why? I assure you Mike Marcotte and Crutchfield Departments could not stand a thorough complete audit by competent auditors.

Strong rumour has it Marcotte steers city business to favorite local Electrical Contractors.

Anonymous said...

Is there an existing City Ordnance authorizing the City Attorney's Office to file suit against someone or something without council approval?

Anonymous said...

Extracted from the City Charter. Where does it say the Mayor can do anything on his own?

Sec. 3-07. Powers and duties of the mayor.
The mayor shall be the chief executive officer of the city. He shall have the following powers and duties:
(1) Appoint and suspend or remove for just cause all city employees and appointive administrative officers provided for by or under this charter, except as otherwise provided by law, this charter, civil service or other personnel rules adopted pursuant to this charter. He may authorize any administrative officer who is subject to his direction and supervision to exercise these powers with respect to subordinates in that officer's division, department, office or agency.
(2) Direct and supervise the administration of all divisions, departments, offices and agencies of the city except as otherwise provided by this charter or by law.
(3) See that all laws, provisions of this charter and acts of the council, subject to enforcement by him or by officers subject to his direction and supervision, are faithfully executed.
(4) Prepare and submit the annual budget and five (5) year capital program to the council.
(5) Submit to the council and make available to the public a complete report on the finances and administrative activities of the city as of the end of each fiscal year.
(6) Make such other reports as the council may reasonably request to enable the council to conduct its councilmanic function.
(7) Keep the council fully advised as to the financial condition and future needs of the city and make such recommendations to the council concerning the affairs of the city as he deems desirable.
(8) Perform such other duties as are specified in this charter or may be required by the council.

Anonymous said...

Extracted from the City Charter. Where does it say the City Attorney can do anything on his own?

Sec. 4-02. Legal division.
(A) The head of the legal division shall be the city attorney who shall be appointed by the mayor, subject to confirmation by the council, and shall serve at the pleasure of the mayor. He shall be an attorney licensed to practice in the courts of Louisiana with at least five (5) years' experience in the practice of law.
(B) The city attorney shall serve as chief legal adviser to the mayor, city council and all divisions or departments, offices and agencies, shall represent the city in all legal proceedings and shall perform any other duties prescribed by this charter or by ordinance.
(C) Any assistant city attorneys authorized by the city council shall be appointed by the city attorney and serve at his pleasure.
(D) No special legal counsel shall be employed by the city except by written contract and approval of the city council.

Anonymous said...

Like it or not the Mayor, The City Attorney and the City Legal Division, according to the Charter, only have that power allowed them by the Council. Anything else is a pipe dream.

Anonymous said...

I've never heard Roy or Chuck Johnson say they believe they can do whatever they want to do. Actually I've heard them talk more about the council's authority and responsibilities than ever before. The council wishes to be in control of the daily operations of the city, and now it looks like they want to micromanage the legal department as well, which any sane person will tell you is a terrible idea. The mayor and the city attorney, according to the charter, have the authority to supervise and delegate responsibilities within their own offices. That is why the Bridgett Brown fiasco is such a joke.

The council is paving their way to being recalled by passing illegal and senseless ordinances. At least two of the councilmen, including the sole attorney of the bunch, know this and have been voting against this stuff.

Anonymous said...

Sec. 2-04. Vacancies.
(A) The office of councilman shall become vacant upon death, resignation, removal from office in any manner authorized by law, or forfeiture of office.
(B) Any councilman shall forfeit his office if he: (1) lacks at any time during his term of office any qualification for the office prescribed by this charter, or (2) violates any express prohibition of this charter, or (3) if he is disqualified by law from holding public office.
(C) Vacancies in the office of councilman shall be filled by appointment by the remaining members of the council. A tie vote on the appointment shall be broken by the mayor. If less than one year remains of the unexpired term, the appointee shall serve out the remainder of the term. If the remainder of the term is greater than one year, the appointee shall serve until the office is filled by election. Any election to fill the vacancy shall be called as prescribed by state law, provided that said election shall coincide with the next scheduled election to be held in the city more than six (6) months after first receipt of notice of the vacancy by the secretary of state. Should the special election coincide with the election at which the office is to be filled for the succeeding term, no special election shall be held and the appointment shall be effective for the remaining unexpired portion of the term of office.
(D) All appointees shall have the same qualifications for the position as established in section 2-01 of this charter.

You can be removed from office by violating an express prohibition of the charter.

Anonymous said...

"At least two of the councilmen, including the sole attorney of the bunch, know this and have been voting against this stuff."

Since when did Fowler or Silver become an attorney? I wasn't aware either of them had passed the bar.

Anonymous said...

Silver has a law degree from Rutgers.

Anonymous said...

Councilman, District 4
Harry Silver
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 71
Alexandria, LA 71309

First Floor City Hall
915 Third Street

Harry Silver
4 Children
3 Grand-children

Degree Juris Doctor, School of Law Rutgers University
Junior Chamber of Commerce Award 1959, Outstanding Young Man in Alexandria
President of Alexandria Chapter Mental Health Board
President of L.S. Rugg, PTA Board
Chairman of United Way Board
Chairman of Rapides Regional Hospital Board
Chairman of Rapides Foundation
Board Member Rapides Regional Hospital, Since 1972
Vice Chairman and Board Member of Louisiana Retailers Association
Chairman of Weiss and Goldring Department Store
Past Board Member and Vice President of Alexandria Chamber of Commerce
Past Board Member of YMCA
Past Chairman Central Cities Development Corporation
Past Chairman of Alexandria Retail Merchants Association
Past President of Hotel Bentley Corporation
Past Board Member of the Rapides Symphony Orchestra
Past President and Member of Jewish Temple

Represents District 4 (appointed by the City Council to fulfill the term of Councilman Rick Ranson)
Chairmen of Public Works/Zoning Committee
Member of the Finance, Public Safety, Economic Development and A & E Review Committees


Anonymous said...

Shadow - you seem like a very angry person with a very personal beef against the individuals you mention. Is there something you need to share?

Anonymous said...

In today's Town Talk, "Hobbs said the amended version wasn't passed because there is no need to rebroadcast any past meetings.

"I'm not trying to hide anything," he said. "To be frank, no one has come to the council asking for a copy of that meeting except the media and the mayor.""

Copy and paste below.

Hon. Everett Hobbs
President of the Alexandria City Council
c/o Nancy Thiels
PO Box 71
Alexandria, Louisiana 71309

July 4, 2007

Dear President Hobbs,

Please consider this to be a written request to rebroadcast the special council meeting on June 12, 2007 every day for two weeks following the broadcast of the previous council meeting.


(Your name here)

Anonymous said...

No one at City Hall shed a tear when we found out Laura Sylvester was fired. We wondered what the hell took "Chuck" so long. The dizzy bitch should have been fired during the transition.

Anonymous said...

Laura was a horrible attorney for the city. Her bad advice has cost the city thousands of dollars and her bad attitude has poisoned the city's relationship with the police department. No one would hire her dumb ass anyway except her husband and that's cause he's forced to sleep with her every night.

Anonymous said...

Roy and Johnson are wasting their time trying to make legal arguments to bus drivers and janitors. The way to solve the city's problems is to vote those fools out of office. Marshall (convicted felon) and Smith are up for re-election soon. The voters need to speak LOUDLY!

Anonymous said...

Tell us what facts you rely upon when you state that Laura is a dumbass? And where did you get your law degree from and how much experience have you had in courtrooms? Do you also write critics on the qualities of brain surgeons? I would bet you know as much about that as you do the practice of law.

The Shadow said...

When you work with and see on a daily basis the "old regime's inner circle" striving to retain their position of power with the new administration you see many things. The boses ofFinance, Purchasing, Electrical and the hangeroners in Legal try use the hard working low level city workers as the scape goats to cover stuff that has been done since Ned lost control.

The Council might be a problem but the Department heads Roy inherited are a greater problem then the Council.

Ask anyone that had to work with Laura what kind of power trip she is/was on. Her position convinced her she was seated at the Right Hand of God and invincible. Take this from someone that knows - due to her limitations as a lawyer any COA lawsuit she was involved in will cause the city great embarrasment and money if the defendent has a competent attorney.

I would think an in-depth investigation into Mike Marcotte's finances would cause one to wonder how he and his family live as well as they do on their known income.

To say much more might expose me and then I would be fired. However, the Shadow knows.

Anonymous said...

Yikes! Talk about playing the race card. Everette Hobbs, in his letter to the Town Talk dated July 2 and printed in today's edition, has played the whole damn deck!

woe is me... said...

For Hobbs to write such a letter shows how blind he and other council members are to their consistent display of bad character, horrible judgment, and how out of touch with reality they really are.

It never ceases to amaze me how a group of people can cry out about derogatory phrases regarding their race, such as "nappy head whoes", all the while many of them use those phrases to address each other regularly as part of their vocabulary.

Does "nappy head whoed" the black council mean that the Town Talk has treated them like a "nappy head whoe"? And if so, how do you treat a "nappy head whoe"?

Or is this just a spinoff of the "red headed stepchild" phrase many copmmonly use?

The very thing Hobbs accuses others of in his letter, is guilty of himself. His feeble attempt at establishing credibility for him and others by pointing out personal and business accomplishments are weak at best.

While stating what you have done in the past is not at all bad in itself, the actions and character at the present time is what people see and is apparent of who and what you now are in life.

The deception is entirely theirs.

All can see why the Town Talk gladly published his letter. Hobbs only added fuel to the fire that already burns hot beneath him.

The only nthing I can give him is that he said "majority black city" instead of "chocolate city".

Other than that he should have consulted with someone before sending that letter to the Town Talk. And if he did consult with someone and they encouraged him to send it on--who needs enemies with friend(s) like that?

Anonymous said...

I can agree the Don Imus remarks should have remained out of the letter. However, I do believe he was correct in standing against the council being called sleigh dogs and that when the majority vote against the administration it is pointed out the black councilmen. Why not just councilmen?

In it's handling of the Jena 6, the Town Talk has worked to stir the underlying issues of race. They have done so with other stories. Since Gannett took over our local paper years ago all we are now forced to look at is a modern version of Hearst Journalism at its best. The more controversial the story, the more bloody details, the more newspapers they sell. I am not defending Hobbs, the Council, nor anyone screaming racism at this time. I am merely criticizing the Town Talk's editorial staff for a failure to print a news story with an editorial point of view. News should not be opinionated. Leave that for your editorials. Even then, you must take care as to not incite the radicals.

woe is me... said...

I agree on the sleigh dog description and the Jena 6 reportings.

biff said...

the most upsetting aspect of the letter was not mentioning a really nice water slide.

Nappy-Headed Waterslide said...

I agree.

Anonymous said...

He didn't even mention the spray parks we keep hearing so much about.

Anonymous said...

Alexandrians need to fully grasp and comprehend we are a City under rule by a majority Black council. Democracy is hell especially for the white folks who used to be in poower.

Hobb's letter has numerous valid points. First the citizens of Alexandria need to understand that the Council makes the decisions. The Mayor implements the Councils decisions. All the rhetoric during the election about Roy straighting the City out was just so much Bull Shit. Roy can only do, in a proactive manner, what the Council allows him to do.

Roy has spent his time lecturing the field hands on what they should be doing and should not be doing. They do not work for him. If he thinks the Council has broken the law let him hire himself a lawyer and take legal action against them.

Roy and his hey boy City Attorney need to understand the divisions of "power" and attempt to reach some sort of compromise with the Council or nothing will get done.

My observation is Roy is the drug store cowboy - all hat, no cows. He talks. He lectures. His hey boy talks. Roy and his hey boy address the Council as though they are the cast from Amos and Andy. Despite their acting as the cast from Amos and Andy they are the Council; freely elected by their constituents. Alexandria, due to white flight will continue to be a Black City and after Roy's one term as Mayor we will have a Black Mayor. Unless Roy placates 5 members of the Council he will be a non-productive Mayor. Roy and his hey boy do not seem to understand the inmates are now in control of the asylum.

Myron Lawson's conversation with Chuckie. though not worded in perfect legalese, was a correct position. The City Attorney cannot, unless given permission in the form of an ordnance by the City Council, do anything.

I would think that, unless there is an ordnance giving the City's legal Department authority to file lawsuits on behalf of the City none of the some 180+ lawsuits are legal lawsuits. ust one of the reasons I have stated Laura Sylvester, as a lawyer, does not know her ass from first base.

Our friend Aymond can write all the crap he wants and attempt to incite i9nsurrection on his blog site about subjects he knows nothing about but the simple fact is the Council rules the City.

Anonymous said...

Alexandria does have a serious racial problem. The minority (white folks) cannot comprehend or accept that the majority (the darkies) now be the boss.

All the anti-council degradation, shit stirring by the Aymonds and We Saw Thasts of the world ain't gonna change the fact that them 5 "boys" be the man.

Anonymous said...

Was Beautiful Brown hired as an Assistant City Attorney or as a Sepcial Counsel by the City Council when she was hired?

Anonymous said...

Sec. 2-24. City council committees.
(a) The city council may make investigations into the affairs of the city and the conduct of any city department, office or agency and for this purpose may subpoena witnesses, administer oaths, take testimony and require the production of evidence. Any person who fails or refuses to obey any lawful order of the council shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be punished in such manner as the council shall fix by ordinance.
(b) Regular council committees and special council committees are to act as liaison between the various operating departments of the city and entire council. Questions related to various departments of city operations will be generally handled by the appropriate committee. This is not to exclude individual efforts on behalf of anyone on the council.
(c) The city council shall establish itself into the following standing committees:
(1) Finance;
(2) Utilities;
(3) Public works;
(4) Personnel;
(5) Such other committees that the president deems necessary to appoint.
(d) The president of the council shall appoint the members of the council to the appropriate council committees.
(e) City council committees may exercise any and all powers found in section 2-08 of the Alexandria City Charter. All necessary documents shall be issued through the office of the city clerk upon authorization of committee chairman or council president. The city clerk shall be authorized to administer oaths on behalf of the committee or council. The city clerk's office shall be responsible for the transcribing of testimony and safe keeping of all evidence.
(Ord. No. 228-1988, § 1, 10-4-1988)
Charter references: Investigations by council, § 2-08.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the firing of MRS. SYLVESTER,she was lucky to have stayed at the city hall this long.She was apart of the"old" administration! The reason was plain to see,she couldn't be trusted.I have never seen Mr.Johnson act inappropriately with ANY of his assistants(fat ass or otherwise).He has always been a professional.People need to take responsiblitiy for there own inadequacies.Let's stop making WRONG judgements about people when the facts show otherwise.LET'S GET THIS CITY MOVING FORWARD!!!!

Anonymous said...

Where does the City Attorney's Office derive the authority to file a lawsuit on behalf of the City? Was this the question Myron was trying to get answered when he asked Charles if he (Charles) could take a position? If the Council has given the City Attorney approval to go ahead and file up to x dollars I can understand The City Attorney's position. But if the Council has never given permission how does it happened?

Very confusing point for me.

Anonymous said...

What's up with the "Hey Boy" comments? That sounds as racist as any other comment I've seen on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone in their right mind want the job as mayor of this city right now? I can't imagine being held accountable to this comedic group.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hobbs didn't even understand the metaphor. The alpha dog isn't the master. He's the dog in the front of the pack. The alpha dog is actually one of the sleigh dogs. The editorial Hobbs seemed to be so incensed about referenced the entire council as sleigh dogs, and the last time I checked, two of the councilmen are white. Basically, Hobbs is playing the race card against the newspaper because he lacks basic reading comprehension, and no one explained to him what the metaphor actually meant. This is just pathetic.

Anonymous said...

It appears the City Attorney has his "step and fetch" routine donw pat. Jaques says it and Chuckie Amen's it. Chuckie seems to feel he has the right to argue with the Councilmen. Be they Amos and Andy and Alqonquin and Lightnen they are still the Council and owed respect by a city employee and Chuckie is a City Employee, unable to be fired by anyone but the Mayor hence the Mayor's own hey boy but a city employee never the less. The Council are the elected representatives of the people. Nobody elected Chuckie.
It appears Chuckie derives his power by being the Mayor's hey boy.

Racist - no - Realistic.

Anonymous said...

Lordy, Miz Scarlett, Ii don't know nothing about sleigh dogs.

Anonymous said...

Unless you the Alpha dog the view never changes

Anonymous said...

"Dashing through the snow in a one horse open sleigh - Opps must be "Dashing through the snow in a one reindeer open sleigh

biff said...

maybe it's time to set up a city/parish form of government. lafayette and baton rouge have prospered. this situation is rapidly going beyond comedy.

Anonymous said...

And now you may view the council meeting from June 12,2007 on the Town Talk's web site. Maybe KALB and KLAX will follow so everyone can see. Especially those without internet.

Anonymous said...

This discussion has gone beyond ridiculous. The Mayor was elected by the people. There are those who will argue he was elected by people voting against Delores and not for Jacques, irregardless he was elected. Instead of acting like the executive officer of a $250 Million corporation he is acting like a spoiled brat with new found power.

The council was also elected. Like it or not, each and everyone of them was elected by persons in their district to represent their district and the two at-large members were elected by a majority of the people in Alexandria to represent all. They two have been acting like children in the sandbox, waiting for the next sand castle to be built so they can either conquer it, take it over or simply stomp it to bits.

All of this childish behavior from grown, supposedly intelligent men, is getting us NOWHERE FAST. Do either the Mayor or the Council think any business person with half-a-brain would even consider locating here? More than that, how do they expect those businesses that are here to be able to attract employees? How can our hospitals attract physicians with these type antics continuing.

The City Attorney is supposed to represent both branches of government. It is quite apparent he does not, nor can he.

The Town Talk's only mission in life is to keep the flames fueled on this entire situation, much like the Cleco ordeal, to sell more papers. They are not out to expose the truth. If they were, we would have real investigations into allegations. We would have complete exposure of all documents pertaining to the issues. Instead the only place you can find most of this is on a blog.

Here is where the injustice lies. We as citizens are being cheated by our Mayor, our Council and our news media. Let's stop insulting each other and get on with the business at hand - moving the City forward. Oh, and I forgot, getting us that waterslide!

Anonymous said...

Amen, Anonymous 2:20 p.m. Hobbs letter was "just pathetic." It was a lame attempt to play a slight of hand game to distract the public from the idiotic and inappropriate actions of certain councilmen. It was also an attempt to play the race card in order to get the TT to back off. If it's racially unacceptable to refer to the councilmen as dogs then it was equally unacceptable to call the mayor a dog. I fully agree that Hobbs and company don't understand the metaphor. Or maybe some of them do, but they want to incite the black community. I am convinced that Ms. Brown was behind using the Don Imus' "nappy headed ho" comment. This is not the first time Hobbs has allowed Myron and Bridgett to turn him into their mouthpiece.

The sad thing about the letter (in addition to the 8-10 grammatical and spelling errors)is that it is likely to create a deep divide in the community among blacks and whites. I fear that many blacks will buy into this garbage while most whites will not. (Think O.J.) But the truth of the matter is that Hobbs and a couple of the other African Americans on the council, along with their pal Bridgette Brown, are not working for the good of the whole black community. They are working to enrich themselves and to enhance their political power. Myron and Bridgett got out of the black residential areas and they wouldn't be caught dead going back. But that won't matter if they scream racism enough.

The council members who do not agree with the content of the letter, but are listed on the letterhead should write an op ed piece to disavow the content of the letter. I'd be furious if my name were on that piece of garbage whether I was a white or black city councilman. In fact, I want to know which councilmen agree with the content of the letter. I promise that I would never vote for them again. In fact, if our two at large councilmen agree with the content of the letter, I know people who will work tirelessly to see them defeated next time they run.

Everett Hobbs has pulled some ridiculous stunts during his political career. But this takes the cake. He should be impeached and removed from office.

woe is me... said...

Hobbs' gripe about the TT questioning of his and other black council members integrity and not Roy's show his inability to grasp the full Picasso. Any reasonable citizen can accurately access their character.

NO one has to paint a picture of Hobbs or any other ACC member. The behavior they frequently display portrays exactly who each of them truly are.

As "cavalier" as these fellows are, one can let his/her imagination run wild as to the conversations and ploys that are taking place out of the public view.

Anonymous said...

Oh for the good old days when my Grandfather was sheriff...........

woe is me... said...

Oh for the good old days when my Grandfather was sheriff...........

Thursday, July 05, 2007 4:25:00 PM
perhaps then we are related....

Anonymous said...

One might the Mayor and his legal advisor have finally looked at the Charter and are beginning to understand what the Administration can and cannot do.

Roy is acting like a school teacher teaching the council what they are (in his opinion) supposed to be doing. So far he has accomplished nothing but pissing them off. Roy and Chuck need to learn to work well with others and abide by the law.

You can lambast the intelligence, the actions, the color or the whatever of the Council but they are the Council. Right or wrong they have been freely elected by qualified voters. All the bitching in the world ain't gonna change that.

Go ahead and whine, piss and moan but when you wake up they still going to be running the city.

Anonymous said...

apparently they were the best that their respective districts had to offer.
castrate them!!

Anonymous said...

That letter had 8 grammatical mistakes. Obviously, it was written by Ms. Brown. If Hobbs had written it, it would have had dozens of mistakes.

Anonymous said...

I would bet money that BB had her claws in it also. About eighty percent of the letter reminded me of some of her outburst.

"In public life, integrity requires not only an honest heart but an honest face"
taken from an anonymous source.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone on the City Council given any explanation why it was so important for B. Brown to work for the City in the Cleco case? What experience did she bring to the table? How much time did she put in the legal deliberations prior to her firing? And why in hell was she worth 10% of any settlement?

Anonymous said...

second the motion for city/parish government.

woe is me... said...

It was vitally important because of the four way spilt of the 10%

Anonymous said...

must of been one of those "executive sessions"

Anonymous said...

As I sit here on the toilet and type, I can actually say that I don't give a crap about what JRoy thinks his mission in life is. The mayor is a PR figure in our system of govt., and RoyBoy is failing miserably at this point.

He has sealed the fate of his own brother in the upcoming elections, cemented his one-term status, and probably will torpedo other candidates rumored to be in his "crewe."

He is acting like a child. Leaders lead. They work with what they have (FDR, Churchill, MLK, Reagan), regardless of how the deck is stacked against them. We should of guessed where our city govt. was headed when an inexperienced mayor picked a novice blogger to be his admin. asst. JRoy reminds me more of Rosie O'Donnell than anyone else I can think of at this moment (all mouth, no wisdom).

Sadly, this city is in for a long downward spiral, unless the mayor and his supporters realize that they have to meet this council in the middle, and sometimes across the middle, to make this situation work. We could have elected John Sams if we wanted turmoil and to piss folks off.

In the meantime, if anyone knows of a good realtor, please let me know.

Anonymous said...

Look in the yellow pages, lots of realtors...move on. We the majority of the people in Alexandria LOVE our mayor. God bless you Jacque.

Anonymous said...

Thursday, July 05, 2007 6:38:00 PM sits on the toilet to type? what a place to talk s_ _ _!

Anonymous said...

We'll spoken Jacqueline

woe is me... said...

Sounds like anon 6:38pm is in executive session.

Verge Of Greatness said...

I'm just waiting for Jacques to suggest putting catfish in one of the Aquatic Club pools.

We are about as close to the Tilly days as I ever want to be. Maybe it's time for a timeout for the mayor, his city attorney, and the councilman. Maybe a 72-hour break in a nice ward at Central complete with group therapy.

I see Jacques as McMurphy, Chuck as Chief, and of course Kay as Nurse Ratched. Or maybe she should be chief since she I've never heard her say a word in a public meeting. If she thinks public service is acting like Tammy Wynette and Standing (or sitting as the case may be) By Her Man, she should go back to whatever firm she worked for. I would hope she has more on the ball than that. Let's hear her explain some of the items for the council. Maybe she won't be as condescending as that Coonass Kennedy.

And, by the way, what's with Roy continuously picking at the end of his nose, patting his moused up hair, adjusting his glasses and looking down his nose at everyone sitting across the table from him. He's a twitchy mother. Has he been drug tested yet.

THat may be the reason he thinks he's in a courtroom or conducting a deposition whenever he's talking at meetings.

A leader doesn't lecture. He persuades and convinces the others of his position. It can be done on an individual basis. I know, hire me as the council liasion because whoever Roy is using now must have gone to the Tilly School of Council Relations. We're really only one blurted out reference to hanging fruit from a full out replay of the Tilly and council battles of the past. I wonder if Roy knows how to take bathroom doors off their hinges.

Anonymous said...

Dear Toilet Typer,

I commend you for your comments regarding our Mouthy Mayor (M.M). You are completely correct and anyone with half a brain can determine that NOTHING will get done unless he stops the nonsense. However, you and I will likely take a beating on this blog because we don't have our head stuck up M.M's behind like most of the rest. I AGREE WITH YOU 100%.

Anonymous said...

Word has it that Laura Sylvester must leave her position with the C.O.A. as the Assistant City Attorney within 30 days. Does anyone know what happened and why wasn't she released during the transition?

Anonymous said...

Toilet Typer needs to flush himself down. He's full of shit and obviously needed to expel some of it on all of us.

Anonymous said...

So I'm full of it?

Pretty much the same council as Ned had, and the only change has been in the mayor's office. Except now we have this never-ending drama. With nothing getting done.

So where should I put the blame? On the council that's been there, or on the new guy?

Guess what, doesn't take a genius to see who's stirring the #@^#. It's the new guy.

Like I said, RoyBoy was recruited to keep Sams from being elected. So, you tell me, what the H#%@ is the difference between the two?

Anonymous said...

Yes, you're full of it. What you forget and most of us remember is how Ned was MIA during the past five years and how a greedy and renegade city council took advantage of his absence and railroaded their own agenda through which included hiring their own man as city attorney. They made sure his wife got a cushy position with the housing authority and his and Lawson's officemate got on the Cleco case. You may think we have long-term memory problems but some of us have been around here long enough to remember how much of a racket Myron Lawson and company are running. He is not the mayor, but for some damn reason, he thinks he is and he's convinced a good part of the city that the less than part-time council is actually in charge of the city's daily operations. It's almost like Pelosi telling the country she's actually the President. You are a fool who is probably related to either Lawson, Brown, or Sanders and anyone with even a small intelligence can see through the shit you're trying to expel on all of us. Now try and play the race card again. I dare you.

woe is me... said...

Dear Business as usual,

It seems your take on the present situation is let business be as it always has been done. Yours is the typical mindset of the corruption that plagues this city and this state.
The behavior that has been witnessed by all with the council is a result of people that have been corrupted by power.
Your failure to see this only shows that you are unwilling or perhaps incapable of grasping the truth.

People of this City and Parish want a change. Yes, I said parish because what happens in Alexandria affects the whole area. There is always the possibility that Roy may not be reelected. But I strongly believe that several others now on that council will not be either. Roy's efforts are shining a bright light on problems that have existed with this council for some time.

Obviously, when you have several people that have been in office for awhile, and allowed to operate outside the boundaries of the Home Rule Charter, the present situation is what you get.

The "never ending drama" you speak of is part of what happens when holding people accountable to rules that they have not been following. Roy is doing what he supposed to be doing, abiding by the Home Rule Charter bylaws. It is obvious that he has a much greater measure of personal and professional integrity than those he is dealing with. The fallout is from those that do not want to be held accountable because they have not been held accountable.

Roy may be young, he may stumble here and there, but you cannot take away from him the courage that he shows in trying to pave the way for better government in Alexandria. He is doing the right thing. He has got a "dirty job" trying to clean up the mess that has been allowed to accumulate over the years.

The "never ending drama" you speak of is part of what happens when holding people accountable to rules that they have not been following. Roy is doing what he supposed to be doing, abiding by the Home Rule Charter bylaws. The fallout is from those that do not want to be held accountable because they have not been held accountable.

Roy will continue to throw the rope to the council in the form of Home Rule Charter Law. The question is who will hang themselves first?

Anonymous said...

What I don't understand is how Roy without the cooperation of the Council can clean up anything. He can clean up things such as the day to day city department operations but Roy cannot due anything with the Council.

If the Council has violated the Charter, Ordnances or Law charges must be filed, a trail held and they be adjudged guilty.

All Roy is doing is lecturing the Council on his interpretation of the Charter. His understanding is no more or no less correct than the Councils interpretation.

Roy cannot "save" the City single handidly. The Council members are freely elected and only the voters can turn them out. They were reelected so their constituiants must be happy with them.

Myron might not be the Mayor but he is 1 of 7 that do make the rules for the operation of the City.

And lastly, how do we know the Council has done anything illegal. To the best of my knowledge no court has convicted them of anything.

Bull Shit walks Facts talk and the facts are the Council has not been charged in the Judicial system with doing anything wrong.

Anonymous said...

I really am trying to look at this thing from both sides. There is blame to spread on both the executive and legislative sides of city government. Roy is making some strides by being involved and assertive, but he is also being arrogant and uncooperative. The Council has every right to question the operations of the City, but they do step over the line from policy makers to micromanagers. These two factions need a pubic retreat facilitated by a professional to assist them in team building, cooperation, and organizational development.

Anonymous said...

anon 5:37:00 AM

To say that Roy cannot do anything alone to clean up the city is inncorrect. One person can make a difference. History is crammed full of people that initiated changed singlehanded.


Do you believe that the coucil is conducting themselves in a professional, ethical way that reflects what the people of this communcity want in government?

Are you satisfied with their conduct and representation as city leaders?

Do you believe that the council followed Home Rule Charter bylaws in their entirety in the Randolph rein and is currently doing so in the present administration?

Do you believe that the council has the best interest of the citizens of Alexandria in mind with the B Brown matter?

Do you believe that the letter EC Hobbs sent to the TT edified the citizens of Alexandria in any way or showed any willingness to get past the real issues that they are faced with?

Show us recent examples of integrity of office by the four or five that always vote with each other.

Anonymous said...

(c) Except for the purpose of inquiries and investigations under section 2-08 of the Charter, the council or its members shall deal with city officers and employees who are subject to the direction and supervision of the mayor solely through the mayor, and neither the council nor its members shall give orders to any such officer or employee, either publicly or privately.

IS THERE A SECTION 2-08???????

Sec. 2-24. City council committees.
(a) The city council may make investigations into the affairs of the city and the conduct of any city department, office or agency and for this purpose may subpoena witnesses, administer oaths, take testimony and require the production of evidence. Any person who fails or refuses to obey any lawful order of the council shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be punished in such manner as the council shall fix by ordinance.
(b) Regular council committees and special council committees are to act as liaison between the various operating departments of the city and entire council. Questions related to various departments of city operations will be generally handled by the appropriate committee. This is not to exclude individual efforts on behalf of anyone


Anonymous said...

Anon 6:30 it matters not what I believe or what I am satisfied with. I keep making the point the electorate have to do something. Recall, file charges, whatever but do something. If I live in Charles Park (I don't) and am unhappy without the Councilman representing Acadian Village I can do nothing except file charges alleging that person committed a crime.

All is is bull shit. The constituents have to recall them or the Court has to remove them by convicting them of something. They can sit there like the Amos and Andy crowd or do as Tillie done and fill the swimming pool with catfish. As long as all is done is post bull shit on blogs nothing happens.

Under the City Charter the Council establishes the Ordnances governing the City of Alexandria and as BB is alledged to have said "Now is their time."

Anonymous said...

Additionally the Mayor/Council tiff creates a smoke screen and diverts attention from the operation of the City Departments. I don't think legal, finance or prchasing can stand an in-depth look but knowledgeable in state procurement law auditors

Anonymous said...

6:57 has a great point. While the Mayor and Council sit and argue NOTHING is being achieved at any department level. We have lost people in planning, a department desperately in need of a reorganization. permits, Zoning certs, etc have all slowed to a snail's pace. God only knows how the utility department stays up and running, I guess we can thank the former administration for hiring good supervisors and department heads. As far as the utility billing, it appears some of the problems have been corrected, but issues still remain, as I am sure they will always remain. At least the drive-through is now open to drop payments.

Hopefully the council will hire someone from outside to conduct a full audit of each department. I say outside and I mean outside the City limits. There are too many ties to too many people inside Alexandria. Get someone who supports the legislative auditor in Baton Rouge. Then see what kind of mess we have on our hands. Perhaps the Mayorial candidates should have requested such prior to their decision to run. When consider whether to purchase a business or take over a business due diligence is conducted. Do we know if any candidate ever asks hard questions as if they were seeking to lead a new company or take over a new company when they run?

Just some food for thought.

Cenla Antics said...

I applaud the move to a more intelligent banter. I do however wish that the bloggers posting here would refrain from personal attacks. If you lack the words to communicate effectively (at the time of posting), please reconsider your posting.

Anonymous said...

You have got to be kidding me. You are asking people to refrain from nasty remarks NOW??? I am incredulous with disbelief considering just about anyone who has ever had the guts to try and make this one horse town a better place to live have been slandered here. Have some guts Quint and take this mother down or put some filters in.

Anonymous said...

anon 10:26 am

I also am amazed at the character assassinations that are launched on people that are actually working towards a better government, community and way of life.

While no one is perfect, I appreciate the honest efforts from those that have their motives in the right place and have taken a stand even though they will be and have been persecuted for it.

Change for the good is coming, although the birthing pains are proving to be severe.

Anonymous said...

Those pains are coming at an untold expense. Let's get the people who post here to reveal who they are. I will if everyone else does. Oh, I forgot you are a bunch of lilly livered fools who would never have the guts to say in person what you type away at all hours from your grimy little computers. GO TO HELL!
Laura Sylvester

Anonymous said...

Oh my Dear I sincerly believe you know who I am if for no other reason then the question I keep asking on this site and on Aymond's site. I also beliefe you know how little use I have for you as a human being, how little respect you show your peers and how little knowledge you have of contracts.

I may well go to hell but will go there with my gonads intact (not on your trophy wall) and expect to find you there doing some minial task stuitable to your limited abilities.

Anonymous said...

And I might add your termination reinforces my belief there is a just and true God.

Now when Roy realizes the "abilities" of old 144/96 and sends him packing life will be complete.

Your attempt at destruction was, in my opinion, rewarded by a fair and just God.

Anonymous said...

You tell girl!!!

Anonymous said...

The most interesting element I find in all of this is the fact that the assasinations posted on any site reveals the true character of that person.

The mask may look good at city hall and/or the work place. You may try to say & do all of the right things, but who are you fooling?

One day you will either take off the mask or it will be forced off and reveal what many knew all. along.

Anonymous said...


I cannot reveal my name as I still have a job with the City and would really like to keep it. Apparently some posters have a problem with professional competent women. I have always found you to be quite easy to work with and very accomodating. Don't worry yourself with those few who don't like you. Remember, it's not your fault. It obviously has to do with some inadaquacy that was caused during their childhood. I suspect this guys mother completely emasculated his father, and he is now taking it out on you.

Cenla Antics said...


I've been pleading from the beginning! This is absurd! I have no control over the imbeciles who have nothing else to do but prove immense stupidity. It is unfortunate that when a "microphone" is openly available that personal ignorance steps up to the mike. I am not the person looking bad here people ... the morons who post stupidity are ... they are merely proving to the rest of the wor;d why they are who they are ...

Perhaps we now know why the cowardly WeSawThat remains transparent both electronically and idealogically .. maybe they might step forward and state what they have done for the community other than foster strife

Anonymous said...

maybe they might step forward and state what they have done for the community other than foster strife

The Pharisees will always be Pharisees. That little rhyme by someone signing jb in the last thread was very accurate.

"But there are many things that they do not say
Like what they are doing to make this a better place today
Or what they are giving back to the community you see
Other than griping and complaining of what they think it should be

They offer excuses and ranting and raving
Cursing and spewing obscenities like crazy
They sit in their chairs in front of the TV
Pointing their fingers and exclaiming how it should be

I long for the day patriotic citizens would arise
And unite as one with civic pride
To join in the fight for the greater common good
And bury the spirit of anti-brotherhood."
Thursday, June 21, 2007 7:31:00 PM

Anonymous said...

That wasn't Laura Sylvester posting....

Anonymous said...

that wouldn't surprise me.

fedup said...

The trouble with Alexandria and the nation for that matter is, there are too many voters who have the IQ of a my shoe size. If everyone had to pass a literacy test to be able to vote, we wouldn't have such piss poor officials in office.

Anonymous said...

Now that he's lost Ginger and Mary Ann, I guess Roy's three-hour cruise is just about over. I wonder if the Captain (Chuck) or the Professor (Juneau) will be able to save Gilligan.

A blog is supposed to stir discussion, which humor can do. If I just wanted to read excerpts from the charter and read legal interpretations, I'd go to Westlaw.

Anonymous said...

Anyone see Farrar on the news delivering the BIG check to LC???

Here is a hint if you didn't know which one he was......


I guess all of the other gentlemen on the stage in suits didn't get the memo to dress casual today....

Anonymous said...

Funny thing about it is Farrar had NOTHING to do with the check it was ALL 100% McPherson. Farra is a shameless idiot.

Spanky said...

Acid, properly applied in small amounts can be used as a tool and truth used in the same manner can have a similar effect on the bonds of wicked men.
Everett Hobbs letter to the Town
talk is evidence that corrosive comments made here and in other forums are proof that the ties that bind the gang of five are beginning to weaken. I must give him credit for having someone (most likely Bridgette)with a better command of english than he to compose the letter for him. Nonetheless, protest as he might, proof is continuing to add to the balance for all to see, that yes, we do have an incompetant city council on whole.

Anonymous said...

Who's the shameless idiot? This moron, Friday, July 06, 2007 9:25:00 PM, forgetts that someone had to lead the charge for passage of the amendment to HB 1 in the House...Farrar did just that.

Thanks for showing everyone in Central Louisiana just how stupid you are.

the-sheriff-is-near said...

It is believed that Larry English "knew" about the Hobbs letter before it was distributed.......

Hmmmmmmmm....I sure wish he would just exercise his 5th amendment right..... ;)

Anonymous said...

One thing for sure, Roosevelt will not be ever elected again, He promised to serve the people of his district, NOT follow the evil.

Anonymous said...

"Thanks for showing everyone in Central Louisiana just how stupid you are."

"forgetts" ???????

Who is stupid?

Rick, we know that (according to you) we have to forgive your lack of math skills because you "went to Pineville High School......", but do we have to forgive your spelling skills too?????

Anonymous said...

The Mayor knew about the letter before it was published - ask Tom Bonnette about their little conversation during the break at Tuesday's council meeting. I don't recall the Mayor being copied on it so the Town Talk must have asked for a response.

Anonymous said...

"I was present at yesterday's city council meeting and observed firsthand the source of the acrimony between the mayor and the city council. It is not a question of the city council overstepping its authority. The issue is rather the city council battling to maintain the system of checks and balances inherent in our system of government.

The current model of having the mayor, city attorney and chief of staff sitting at the council table may have worked in prior administrations but is inherently flawed today. It is called a "city council" meeting for a specific purpose. It is the city councilmen's opportunity to deliberate and legislate in a public forum; to engage in a free-flow of ideas amongst each other; to allow the public to comment (not the executive branch, unless asked); and, to adopt whatever legislation the majority of the members deem appropriate in the best interest of the citizens they represent.

The latter point is extremely important and is being thwarted by the current model of having the mayor and his staff sitting with open microphone insisting on interjection comments, observations and positions whenever desired. His insistent on being actively engaged in council deliberation has a chilling effect on open discussion by the council and inhibits public comment. It becomes a dialogue between the executive and legislative branch. Even the Governor of the state and President of the United States must be "invited" to address the respective legislative bodies. It is a privilege not a right.

As evident in the city charter - which is so often referenced - the Mayor has veto power. The city council has legislative power. The Mayor needs to allow the city council to deliberate and legislate as it deems appropriate in the best interest of the citizens they represent. If he disagrees with any legislative act, he then needs to exercise his right of veto. He needs to cease being the "eighth" councilman. His staff needs to be present in the audience should the a council member want additional information.

As to the "city" attorney, he too needs to read the city charter and recognizes that he is not solely the mayor's attorney. When he attends the city council meeting, it is to provide legal advice to the city council when asked. He is not to allow his personal feelings on legislation and relationship with the mayor to cloud his legal judgment and comments a la Alberto Gonzales. He is to acknowledge the intent of the legislative body and provide the necessary advice to accomplish the legislative intent even if he personally disagrees. If he can not serve both the Mayor "and" the City Council - without the open indignation and condescending attitude that he displayed to the council yesterday - he needs to resign post-haste.

In closing, until the Mayor recognizes and acknowledges that the overriding principle of checks and balances and ceases to use the city council's own meetings as a public forum to play to the public through the meeting; and, his staff is relegate to the audience at city council meetings and recognized to speak by the President only when asked, the current public acrimony will continue."

Anonymous said...

Thanks Garry Brown, you have now spamed all the local blogs with your crap.

Anonymous said...

I guess we don't really need a mayor and city attorney, we have Amos and Andy to splain it all to us. In their ebonic language

Anonymous said...

Is Love4Aex the real citizenpaine that first posted the above quote at 12:11 PM? Or is Citizenpaine Garry Brown? or is Love4Aex Garry Brown? Whoever it is please stop posting and reposting your thoughts everywhere. We can all read it and comprehend it the first time.

Anonymous said...

anon 12:11:00 PM,
the current public acrimony will continue."

The majority of this council lacks integrity, professionalism and does not have a vision for the greater common good of the people. What we are hearing and witnessing is a testament to this.

This administration would harmonize with the above mentioned attributes of good, sound, moral character. That is what they continue to base their foundation upon.

Anthing else is personal or hidden agenda.

fedup said...

As long as we have idiots voting, we're going to have idiots being elected. Case in point, the morons on this council!

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is past time we all enlighten ourselves about the council.

Louis Marshall was convicted of a federal gun crime, but to due a stupid exception in the law, he can run for and hold office in the council as long as the gun crime he was convicted of wasn't a state crime.

Myron Lawson is friends with and gives rental space to both Kelvin Sanders, the former city attorney, and Bridgett Brown, who obviously used her connections and influence with the two to land an amazing contract on which she had no experience.

Roosevelt Johnson votes in their favor all of the time. He may not hang with them afterhours but he cares more about the racial agenda than the law, and I shudder to think what kind of spineless mayor he could have come.

Hobbs doesn't know what he's talking about. He breaks open the race card in case of dire emergency and in this case, it ain't working. He says he is a successful businessman. What the hell does he do?

The mayor may be trying, but until these power hungry fools are forced to resign, it doesn't do much good.

Bill Clinton said, "It's the economy, stupid." In Alexandria, "It's the stupids, stupid."

Anonymous said...

Citizenpaine may be Grandma Moses who has her own financial stake in all of this.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous idiot who felt inclined to share his worthless opinion about the councilmen, Bridget Brown, Kelvin Sanders, etc. It is a sad day when you have nothing else better to do with your sorry life but to make negative comments which frankly aren't worth a pile of you know what. Because I feel extremely sorry for you I offer you these suggestions (1) Please seek psychological help (2) Read a best selling self help book entitled "GET A LIFE", and last but certainly not least (3) Qualify in your district for the upcoming council race so that you can attempt to make the change which you believe is so desperately needed...So that you can get your pathetic ass beat and you can finally shut the hell up!!!

Anonymous said...

"Bridgett Brown, who obviously used her connections and influence with the two to land an amazing contract on which she had no experience,"

Bridgett Brown has more experience than the Mayor and Chuck Johnson who has NEVER repeat, NEVER been in a Federal Court Room or tried a Civil Case prior to getting his City Attorney job. Ms. Brown has over 20 years of civil experience, tried many cases in the Federal and Civil courtroom. Plus Bridgett’s brother is head of the Legal department at ENTERGY Corp. The LARGEST energy company in the south, so don’t you think that she has consulted with him over the 20 plus of practicing law. Stop repeating the nonsense that you read and get the FACTS.

Anonymous said...

I read with great interest Paul Carty's letter this morning. Is that the first time the Editor decided to write someone back?

Anonymous said...

July 08, 2007 4:32:00 AM
July 08, 2007 1:24:00 AM,

It is obvious as to the character you possess also. Paul Carty addressed a letter in todays TT to E C Hobbs, but are you able to grasp that it was addressed to both of you and all others that side with or had something to do with the drafting of Hobbs letter?
Do you understand what is implied when Carty used Hobbs statement in his closing?

You are being snared by your own devices. The truth will continue to be published as it was today and the bylaws of the Home Rule Charter will continue to be placed before all of you.

The Hobbs letter was a tremendous self-inflicted "shot in the leg".
It only proves that those that gathered together to draft, send and defend it did not have the insight to realize what they were really doing. But so it is when hate, selfish interest and puffed up pride are the driving forces that fuel your efforts of your causes.

Who cares what you have done in the past professionally or personally. It is what you are now doing and how you are now acting that judge you.

If your behavior were acceptable now then those accomplishments would be an asset to you. But as it is, it does not vindicate or support any of you in any way.

more truth to follow......

Anonymous said...

GO Paul Carty!!!!!!

The entire letter was right on target--and the first paragraph cut to the bone.

the truth be told said...

I don't know if it is the first time the editor wrote back like that, but I hope it is not the last.

Anonymous said...

The Editor writing back was a self serving attempt to belittle Hobbs. The many innuendos contained in the Editor's response were vivid and obvious "put downs." The purpose was to slly point out the spelling errors, grammatical errors and what the Editor considers Hobb's lack of intelligence. Had the letter not been a sarcastic response but a factual response it would have journalism. As has been evident other than yellow journalism the Clown Talk knows nothing of journalism and wrapping fish in the Clown Talk is insulting to the fish.

Anonymous said...

Due to the fact that the level of psychological help you need is beyond my ability, this will be my FINAL response to the "anonymous idiot". First and foremost, I had absolutely nothing to do with the contents and/or drafting of the letter to the Editor. Simply put I do not agree, at any level, with your negative and downright evil opinions and I feel sorry for you for not having sought the help for your sickness. However, I do understand why you are so inclined to posess the thought process which is disabling your developmenet. In reference to the comment regarding Hobbs' letter being a "shot in the leg", use the same and save you from yourself!!

Anonymous said...

I have read a lot of blogs over the last few months. It appears everyone really wants the same thing; a better Alexandria.

In the words of my old friend Danny J. “It is what it is” so with that said. The Mayor and the City Council will be with us for sometime. So it is important for us to better understand ourselves. Let’s talk about the word diversity. God made ALL of us different no two people are the same. It is just the world that we live in. It is important that we all listen carefully to WHAT IS SAID not HOW IT IS SAID. Different environments make us write, sound and do many things differently. But for the most part we all want a better Alexandria. Let’s put all of this energy to good use, to build the best City government and the BEST Alexandria. Let’s do it I know we can.

call it what it is said...

I have been reading the various points of view and must say that it is somewhat pollyanna-ish to declare that all parties share a common goal of the betterment of our city. The council is acting as if it is a self-serving cabal, resentful of any input from our rather capable administration. I recognize that you are attempting to posture yourself as the ecumenical tolerant voice of reason and peace but if the council is made up of crooks, crediting them with noble motives only clouds the issue.

What we seem to have here is buyers remorse. We had an opportunity to upgrade the council in the last election and we blew it. Oh well!

Anonymous said...

The 'buyers remorse' you speak of has come in the form of the mayor who told pretty lies to get himself into the office he holds. Jacqes Roy has been a terrible dissappointment to the people who believed in him FOR THE RIGHT REASONS-on the other hand...he is a great source of joy to the people that believed that he would be the perfect vote splitting patsy. To those people he has become exactly what they had hoped-a facade that they can work their personal deals behind. Get Jacques in the race and it is between him and Delores and they could not lose. What a shame. From a proud man preaching democracy and transparency to a prideful boy micromanaging his way toward his own little monarchy. Is this the legacy you really wanted to leave behind, Jacques? Is this really what all those dreams you had were made up of?

Anonymous said...

I have heard from several sources that the Cabrini/Bringhurst deal is for all practical purposes a "done deal". Can it be true that elected public officials would completely disregard the wishes of those whom they serve?

Anonymous said...

Jacques has already put race relations back 30 years in this community.

the new democrat said...

I strongly disagree. Chief Justice Roberts just said that the way to to stop discrimination based on race is to stop discrimination based on race. Jacques is a new breed of public official that has sufficient respect for all races to expect the same standard of respect for law and ethical conduct from all, regardless of race. If you call progress the mentality of the past 50 years wherein people like Randolph openly disregarded patent misconduct on the theory that "it's OK, they're just a bunch of n------" and the folks like Bridget who uses her race as a crutch sometimes and a club sometimes, are the ones who show complete disrespect for african americans. Roy, on the other hand, show confident expectation that all of us, regardless of race, can rise to the challenge and accept equal responsibility along with equal rights.

? said...

The part I don't understand is why the council is willing to burn down to whole goddam city in order to preserve some vehicle for funneling money to Bridget Brown. The Town Talk asked what, if any thing, there was about Bridget, that the council considered essential and vital to the operation of the city government. No answer was ever forthcoming. I personally have heard Bridget say to a room full of people, that if they tried to fire her the council would shut down to whole city to protect her. Most of us disregarded her comment because she tended to be regularly and reliably full of shit. I also wonder if it is really about Bridget or she is just a symbol of complete council control. If anybody has the answer, please share it with the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with "new democrat". Jacques is treating the council as equals and they are not accustomed to that.

I also agree that if the council feels strongly that Bridgett is needed so badly in the Cleco case, they should be quite willing to say why.

Anonymous said...

I for one am not in any way dissappointed in Jacques Roy as Mayor. I applaud his stand with the City Council. The Council appears to have an agenda that is self serving and not in the best interset of all the citizens of Alexandria.

Anonymous said...

anon 8:56:00 AM,

The truth really pisses those off that it applies to. To all the rest of us it is just refreshing to see and hear.

You may say what you will but in the end the truth stands just as it does now.

You reap what you sow. So be careful what you plant. I would suggest to you and the underhanded on the council that you pray for crop failure.

more truth to follow...

the truth be told said...

If anybody has the answer, please share it with the rest of us.

Sunday, July 08, 2007 10:42:00 AM

The split on the 10%.

Anonymous said...

The Hobbs letter to the town talk was a stupid move on his part.
It was easy pickins for Paul Carty or even an 8th grade student with a "C" average.

We are stuck with them until another election, or they are found guilty of breaking the law. At the rate they are going it looks like the charges will come before the election.

Anonymous said...

anon 6:49
The Editor writing back was a self-serving attempt to belittle Hobbs. Had the letter not been a sarcastic response but a factual response it would have journalism.

The letter was a factual response. The sarcasm did not negate the facts that were stated. The writer simply used the words of Hobbs to validate the facts.

Hobbs should have never placed himself in that position. The people that were involved with the Hobbs letter aren't to savvy in politics or diplomacy.

And to the anon who said it was a "shot in the leg"--no I believe it was a "shot in the a_ _".

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Due to the fact that the level of psychological help you need is beyond my ability, this will be my FINAL response to the "anonymous idiot".

My response is in no way FINAL:

You have no abilities,
You have no credibility.
You have no possibilities.
You have no admirability.
You have no believability.
You have no capabilities.
You have no conceivability.

But it is apparent to all you have a disability that has no manageability......

more truth to follow....

Anonymous said...

We are so proud of Jacque Roy. Some Cleco employees are bad mouthing him. He is the Mayor of Alexandria and most of us are very happy with his work.. ..By the way, how can one belittle Hobbs?. Just listen to him speak, what a vocabulary. And he wrote that letter all by himself? Go on.

Anonymous said...

Looks like someone found a rhyming dictionary.

You may think you have some credibility.

But what if your actions land you in the penitentiary?

Your life won't have any more manageability.

Cold lunches, one hour breaks, and the occasional visitors are the real disability.

Heck, you can't write on Cenla Antics anymore. I hope you won't lose all stability.

I don't need the advice of a psychic to know the definition of predictability.

More truth later.

Anonymous said...

anon 2:23:00 PM


your words make me tremble.

You can go with English and invoke the 5th.

I will continue on with the 1st.

Anonymous said...

Your stab at wit does not work;

the problem is you are a jerk;

but at least YOU enjoy what you posted;

and that suggests your brain is toasted;

So while your typing, please take your pick;

You can kiss my ass or suck my . .

Anonymous said...

and next time find your own creativity.

more truth to follow in next weeks TT.

Anonymous said...

"more truth to follow in next weeks TT."

Truth about what? Give us a hint.

Anonymous said...

As an attorney who has faced both Bridgett Brown and Charles Johnson in the courtroom, on separate occasions mind you, I have to tell you Chuck is a MUCH more formidable opponent. Chuck has always been fair, honest, and REASONABLE and he will follow the law, wherever that may lead. Bridgett relys on race and antics to overshadow her lackings in knowledge and skill.

I sympathize with the Black community that is judged based on the simpletons that sit on the council, who, without failure, will ask/do many (not just some) things stupid (ie. the June 12 stunt with Bridgett Brown being invited to the special session, trying to scrutinize ALL of the lawsuits handled by the city's legal division, etc.) I, for one, am following closely the situation at City Hall. But what more can we expect when "citizens" elect a city council consisting of:

(1) an crooked insurance agent with a General Studies degree

(2) a convicted gun runner

(3) a retired bus driver/ sheriff's office flunkie

(4) what the hell does Everett Hobbs do? Obviously, nothing that requires a strong vocabulary or oratorical skills


(5) an EX camera man

Come on Alexandria...You wonder why we can't move forward, look who you have representing you. Thank God we do have Jacques! At least we have a mayor that is cognitively sound and has a grasp on the city's business; forget the Council. There is very little hope for help in a couple of the districts, but the at-large seats and Marshall and Hobbs' districts have people that could represent us well. Step up to the plate, Alexandria. We have a leader that wants to make a change, let's support him. We need (2) more sensible members on the council and Alex. could be on the road to a better future. Election time is the key. Show these guys we are sick and tired of their power trips and self-serving behavior. We have paid for Myron's house in Tennyson Oaks, all of Bridget's many wigs, CFS's downtown watering hole, and Kelvin's golfing trips.

October would be a good start. Vote Herbert Dixon for state rep and send a LOUD message to that group that the people, not Myron, Bridgett and their crew run Alexandria.


Anonymous said...

I agree, wholeheartedly, and furthermore, this is a lesson in what can happen when people do not take their right to vote seriously. The crazies are running the asylum!

I think Jacques (and Alexandria) should thank their lucky stars that Jacques did pick Chuck for city attorney (and the poor bastard has the the strength and courage to withstand this character assassination). Otherwise, if he had chosen a white attorney, God help us all. These fools (the council majority) could MAKE IT SEEM like a racial issue and incite a race war, turning Alexandria into Watts, based on false propaganda and the words/ideas of a bunch of ignorant, self-serving bastards that could give a good goddamn about the Black community b/c they no longer live on "that side of town".

Hang in there boys! A better day is on the horizon and you guys are leading the charge!

Anonymous said...

What do you mean they would try to turn it into a race war? That is exactly what they're doing. Hobbs's letter was nothing more than attempting to divide the town along racial lines, and I salute Carty of the Town Talk for standing up to this man and telling him how much he is harming our city and the progress of our city by trying to make everything about race. If he isn't removed from office, the council should do the next best thing and give the presidency to someone else like Chuck Fowler.

Anonymous said...

I finished watching the legal committee meeting from last week. Does anyone else think it's ironic that Lawson screams "transparency, transparency, transparency" concerning the council reviewing all legal cases yet less than an hour later he votes against replaying the special meeting on channel four?

podunkmotherfuckingtown said...

What the hell happened to Copelands?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


Anonymous said...

What happened? Did they close?

Anonymous said...

there is a big CLOSED sign out front....

Anonymous said...

Copeland's is not closed. Employee party is scheduled for tonight.

Anonymous said...

And how many of you that say something needs to be done about the City Council have written the Attorney General or Jam Downs yet about their obvious and admitted open meeting law violation? And how many of you have filed a complaint with the State Ethics board concocerning Myrons business dealings with Kelvin and Bridget? Abd has the attorney that commented, reported Bridget to the State Var Assoc.?
Sitting around and talking about it is not going to change anything. "Take our city back", or is it "Let's somebody else take our City back, while I sit on my ass and bitch"?

Anonymous said...

Several complaints have already been filed with all of the entities you named, from what I have been told. It will be interesting to see what comes of them.

Anonymous said...

What was the violation of the open meetings law? The meeting was publicly held. It just wasn't rebroadcast, right?

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous, Sunday, 3:13 p.m.
It is obvious to me that you are Bridgett Brown. I've never met a woman with a worse case of penis envy than you.

Anonymous said...

At least the City Attorney had the good sense to run Laura Sylvester off. That eliminated one of the city's biggest problems.

Now when they figure out Mike Marcotte is an idiot and run his ass off things may start improving.

Wonder why Mike recommended to the State of Louisiana to use local electrical contractors for data projects rather than state contractors? Wonder why Mike held up the States permit for usage of City poles for so long for LSU's clinic for the poor because the State would not use local electrical contractors? Wonder how Mike and family live so well on reported income?

Anonymous said...

No the part only shown once on TV was not the violation, it was the illegal vote Hobbs took to not show the video that was the violation.

Anonymous said...

oh, i forgot.

Anonymous said...

"I would think an in-depth investigation into Mike Marcotte's finances would cause one to wonder how he and his family live as well as they do on their known income."

"Mike Marcotte and Cruchfield the Finance Director are ass hole buddies and two has beens from Red Simpson that were let go when Red Simpson was bought out. Wonder why? I assure you Mike Marcotte and Crutchfield Departments could not stand a thorough complete audit by competent auditors.

Strong rumour has it Marcotte steers city business to favorite local Electrical Contractors."

"Wonder how Mike and family live so well on reported income?"

At first, I thought you might also be someone from Red Simpson, but, if so, you would realize how much Johnny paid Mike and David, and all the other MEN. I repeat MEN. The women didn't get shit.

The bonuses that some of these guys got each quarter was more than my pay for the damn year.

When Johnny sold to Pike, all of the MEN got deferred comp, most of them got lots and lots of money, some more than a million, hell I think Johnny Simpson himself got $200 MILLION. Now us "girls" got an extra months pay.

Mike, and all those others are getting their money spread over 5 years, cause if they go to work for a competetor, it is GONE. I have talked with a few of the guys that have ben sued.

Mike and David weren't fired, they quit. I know they can both be an ass, mostly Mike, but, the stuff that you are saying doesn't make sense. He is such an anal, uptight rule following kind of guy. Mr. Shado, or whoever you are, you must have done someillegal shit, because I can tell you, because I worked with him on a few cases, if he ever thought someone that worked for him was doing something that they shouldn't be, he did not let it go. Several guys lost their jobs for doing things others would have ignored.

What the hell business of yours is it about his personal finances anyway??

Get a life. If you knew anything about Red Simpson, you would know that they all will be fine for a long time with Johnny's money. Fair? NO, but that's life.

The Shadow said...

Actually you proved several of my points. Marcotte could not enjoy his present standard of living on his city salary. Having, as you, personal knowledge of the Red Simpson sale Mike and Crutchfield did not quit and where not fired they were not retained.

To say Mike is anal is an understatement. He is not proficient in his supposed area of expertise so he looks for molehills he can grow into mountains. To many of his hands at Simpson he was actually an easily manipulated mushroom. He took somebody doing something wrong seriously because it was a smokescreen to cover up his lack of ability.

"I must have done some illegal shit" No not me. Has Mike down some stuff that can be construed as highly unethical I think yes but we will see.

As far as Mike buddy Crutchfield Crutchfield just covers up Mike's errors. Always has, always will.

I like your statement "I worked with him on a few cases..." Were you two dectectives , prosecutors or what?

In closing I assure you I know the workings of the Red Simpson organization as well, if not better, than you. I know where the weaknesses were and who.

Anonymous said...

"You are being snared by your own devices. The truth will continue to be published as it was today and the bylaws of the Home Rule Charter will continue to be placed before all of you."

Ok if this is so I would like someone to answer the following questions:

1) After watching this past week's council meeting in rebroadcast I noticed the Mayor introduced two resolutions to be passed, which the council did not have a copy of, nor did the Clerk.

In the first instance, he asked them to agree, as if they were signing a "letter of intent" which would be brought by ordinance at the next meeting to support the City of Pineville's fireworks scheduled for that evening. This discussion took place during the public works committee meeting.

In the second instance, he read a resolution about the "fair share" program and openly stated I guess the clerk will need a copy of this? The answer was, "Yes." He asked today? The answer was, "Yes."

So my question is how can the Mayor introduce resolutions to be passed without providing written documentation to the Council prior to the meeting for them to have time to study and review before voting?

2) Why didn't Harry stop this action? He is the one councilman who generally stops things not properly submitted to the council.

3) How is it the Mayor and City Attorney can challenge the Council on voting to move some money in the budget without providing for the specifics as to who is being hired and for how much on the fact sheet, when they in fact, have committed a similar crime under the charter?

4) During the discussion regarding the rebroadcast of the June 12th meeting our City Attorney says any issue can be brought up for discussion at any time. Has he read the charter? The Charter states any action defeated can be brought up at the same or next council meeting by a member of the majority side, but only to discuss new language or new issues. Once an item is defeated it cannot be placed on the agenda for 6 months. When Roosevelt asked for the council to delay action to review the agreement, which the Admnistration was holding over their head, Chuck Fowler should have agreed. At that point, he would have been able to validate his point in that the meeting needed to be shown, not only for our purposes of being able to see the meeting, but because it was in the agreement. Instead, by insisting on the vote, we now won't see it on the agenda for 6 months. Thank you Chuck Fowler for using your head! Thank you Chuck Johnson for giving out the wrong advice! You both have screwed the citizens. We had a chance to prove the majority of the council wrong and we lost it.

5) I have watched and rewatched the now famed video from June 12. Can someone verify that Everett had adjourned the meeting prior to the Mayor speaking up and asking if he could ask Mr. Johnson some questions and begins to grill our city attorney? It appears the Mayor objects to the adjournment, something he cannot do. Unfortunately I have to agree with Bridgett - it is a council meeting, the Mayor is there for information. This isn't the only time the Mayor has interjected to prevent the adjournment of a meeting - he has done so with several committee meetings. If the meeting was adjourned, is not the entire escapade which occurred afterwards an illegal meeting since they were not brought back into session? If the meeting was adjourned, why did Everett feel the need to adjourn a second time?

Just some things that make one wonder? Please anon provide the truth I am waiting for it to be placed before me.

Anonymous said...


Obviously you have a very personal acrimony for the 3 City employees you keep attacking. Without some details to support your points, you simply appear bitter and spiteful. If you have the gall to attack these people by name, please be man/woman enough to identify yourself by name. Also, it might helpful to tell us what they supposedly did to rile your wrath.

P.S. It doesn't matter whether you post annonymously or under the Shadow pseudoname, your posts are so venomous they stand out like a skyscraper in a wheat field.

Anonymous said...

Who could live on a city salary? Have you looked at the ads that run in the paper? No wonder they have such a hard time keeping employees. Then it seems to take them so long to hire someone. Maybe fixing that could improve this city.

waterslide said...

I love it when anonymous people ask other anonymous people to answer questions. Please explain to me exactly who the fuck are you talking to again?

Anonymous said...

How is "waterslide" not just as anoymous ?

What is your opinion of "spray parks" ?

Anonymous said...

Kinda gotta agree with that opinion. Anonymous post their opinion supporting someone and accussing someone of evilness and then demand the anonymous evil doer identify themselves with the original anonymous never identifying themselves.

Seems like if Anonymous believes in Crutchfield and Marcotte that strongly Anonymous would post their name.

Anonymous said...

Gee waterslide I wasn't aware a screenname was required to ask such pointed questions. Let me go make up a "cover" name now and maybe then you'll answer my questions.

waterslide said...

Good idea anonymous. If that is really you? If not, then please disregard. I was replying to anonymous, not anonymous.

George said...

ok waterslide will you answer my questions posted at 6:58 AM or do I need to copy them and repost?

Anonymous said...

Allow me, waterslide.

1. A resolution is not the same as an ordinance. This was the big point missing in all of the rigmarole. An ordinance is a law or decree set forth by a legislative body that can be vetoed by the mayor, who is responsible for signing it into law. Without the proper documentation, the council is basically asking the mayor to sign a blank page into law.

A resolution does not create a law. It is a statement of mission or purpose and is non-binding. For example, the city often passes resolutions naming certain days after distinguished citizens.

When the council and its allies compare the two, they demonstrate their ignorance of the legislative process.

2. Silver probably understands the differences.

3. Fact sheets are not ordinances. Lawson tried to make the argument that because a fact sheet wasn't completely filled out, the mayor had done the same thing the council had. The problem is, the full contract was attached to the fact sheet. Whereas the mayor provided a contract, the council provided nothing but a fact sheet and an empty page.

4. I beg to differ. The city attorney advised that the ordinance that was not seconded could take new form as a resolution for vote in front of the full council, which is what happened.

5. Like it or not, the mayor is still a citizen, and if he wants to ask the city attorney questions and the council president allows him to, there's nothing wrong with that.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't look for much help from Silver. He might make gestures when he knows that his vocal opposition will not matter because Myron only needs 4 votes but now that his store tanked, he is under more pressure than ever to unload the downtown white elephant and the Council is the key to that.

waterslide said...

Ya see George, all you had to do was put in a name other than anonymous and someone answered your question. How hard was that? Everyone please learn from George.

Anonymous said...

j) (1) Fact sheets for discussion items and agenda items must be in the hands of the city clerk by noon on the Monday after a regular council meeting for inclusion on the next proposed council agenda. Fact sheets shall be submitted to the city clerk for every item to be included on the agenda. Fact sheets generated by council member(s) or council committee(s) shall have the signature of the appropriate council member(s). Other than as originated by the council or its committees, each fact sheet shall bear the signature of the mayor or his chief administrative officer, the city attorney or his representative, the finance director or his representative and the appropriate division head. Each item shall be fully documented.
(2) When special circumstances warrant, items for consideration may be submitted directly through a committee. In such limited circumstances items should contain fact sheets signed as indicated in the preceding subsection. Documentation and supporting information should be presented to the committee.
(3) When an action has a fiscal impact on the current budget the finance director should advise the committee or council as to the anticipated expenditure, a budget account number and if a budget amendment is necessary for implementation of the considered item.
(k) The council agenda and committee schedule shall be published and posted on the city hall bulletin board. The final agenda shall be faxed to all council members not later than Thursday noon before the next regular council meeting.
(l) Fact sheets shall be submitted to the city clerk for every item to be included on the agenda. Fact sheets generated by council member(s) or council committee(s) shall have the signature of the appropriate council member(s). Other than as originated by the council or its committees, each fact sheet shall bear the signature of the mayor or his chief administrative officer. Each item shall be fully documented.

Anonymous said...

m) The administration shall attach to fact sheets requesting advertisement for bids a copy of plans and specifications. On items requesting the award of contracts, there shall be attached to the fact sheet a copy of the proposed contract. For standard contracts (i.e. engineering, construction) there shall be no requirement of submission prior to council action. An executed copy of an original of each contract shall be delivered to the city clerk as soon as possible. The secretary for the city attorney shall retain the original of all contracts and shall provide a copy to the appropriate division or department.

Anonymous said...

When an action has a fiscal impact on the current budget the finance director should advise the committee or council as to the anticipated expenditure, a budget account number and if a budget amendment is necessary for implementation of the considered item.

Wouldn't the addition of two new jobs require the advice of the finance director? Wasn't this ordinance passed for final adoption? Didn't the council violate its own bylaws?

Anonymous said...

This is great. I bet the City Charter and the Code of Ordinances has received more thoughtful attention under the Roy administration than in the whole previous history of the charter.

Anonymous said...

It is aboslutely brilliant how most people are so set on the Council and how they allegedly have no morals, ethics, etc and yet there is absolutely no mention of the immoral and unethical crap being done by the administration. Well, what do you people have to say about your brilliant City Attorney USING HIS CITY ISSUED CREDIT CARD WHICH IS PAID BY THE TAX PAYERS to fund his dinner bill at Copelands for him and his girlfriend Assistant City Attorney. And NOOOOOOOOO it was not in any way affiliated with City Business. And let's not mention the city issued cell phone bill which displays her number at ungodly hours at night...oh but I guess that may be okay to you people, considering he has free nights and weekends.

Anonymous said...

How do you have access to the phone bill of the Assistant City Attorney or the credit card bill of the City Attorney?

Anonymous said...

No that is not OK. But tell me, have you obtained the credit card receipts and cell phone records to prove those claims, if true? Anybody can type shit on here, but can you prove it? Put up or shut up.

Anonymous said...

How did I know that you would of course question anything that is not so upstanding about a not so upstanding individual. Trust me, I have no reason to make up anything so ridiculous, however, it may be a bit surprising to you people who are so far up the administrations ass that it may be a bit surprising well shame on you!!! YES HE PAID FOR HER BIRTHDAY DINNER ON US!!! By the way, for your future knowledge, since the Credit Card and Cell Phone are paid by the Citizens of Alexandria, IT IS PUBLIC RECORD. Request it first thing in the morning and see for yourself!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Is the City Attorney or his "trusty" Assistant married? If so, what does his wife say about all this time he spends with this lady?

Anonymous said...

Hello Laura. Welcome to Cenla Antics.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Maxwell's former boss is in a bit of trouble!

Anonymous said...

Old news.....from way back. All of this came up in his senatorial campaign. Nothing new about it.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see David Vitter's phone # is in the DC Madame's phone log? Poor little Lance. Better find some new coat tails.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I get it now. No democraps should suffer from Clinton's hormones, but all Repubs will suffer from Vitter.

Now that's funny right there!

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