Thursday, September 28, 2006

"and so the end is near, and now we face the final curtain ..."

Twenty-four hours left to the first round. Who will be the two? Hopefully the terminally embittered will find solice and stop carrying on as the hopelessly clueless. This blog was started as an exchange of important information and ideas. What we have wound up with is an anonymous way to insult your neighbor. Beam me up Scotty ....

Friday, September 22, 2006

One Week left ...

Who will be our next Mayor? We could hit a historical mark with either the first woman or black mayor. What ever the case, Alexandria is truly at a point of no return. With one of our better hotels closing due to not paying their utilities the fact remains that Alexandria is canibalizing itself. A massive Economic Development plan must be created and implemented. Utility bills must be reduced. Our power is purchased from Cleco and marked up by the city. We have a fund surplus. What to do with it? Uhhh ....

Alexandria is being surpassed by Pineville. Mayor Fields and Rich Dupree as well as the Pineville City Council have done a phenominal job on economic development. As a business owner myself, I recognize the ease and less expense of operating in Pineville. I have had many like minded conversations with other business owners.

Voters, think wise and hard on your decision. Candidates think wise and hard. Whom ever is the next mayor will wear this pivotal mantel for a very long time. This could very well be the mayorial term that makes or breaks Alexandria.

I remain,

Hopeful in Alexandria

Sunday, September 17, 2006


This little project has exploded beyond belief. However not all of the content is worthwhile and even belongs on this blog. I was taught that a gentleman never speaks of sex, religion or politics in polite company. However are these not three very interesting topics? They do seem to generate debates with great energy. This being said, we can operate with a a certain amount of decorum, after all we are all "gentlemen" and "ladies".

If it has nothing to do with politics, it has nothing to do with this site. Personal insults are uncalled for and unnecessary. I have become a hall monitor!

Yes, for those who can't focus, this site has been disrupted by several candidates campaigns. Seeds of discontent have been sewn in all campaigns. It is inevitable with blogs.

The old adage "Opinions are like back sides, everyone has one!" is true. Some of them are sensible, some are not. Let's stick to the game folks ... half time is over.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

18 Days Left!!

The age of 18 in our society has been deemed the age of majority. Time for frivolity is dimished as we enter the "adult" world. Eighteen days are left until decisions are made for Council seats and Mayor. Please take time to calm yourselves and make a serene and educated decision before entering the voting booth. I have voted for several individuals who personally I did not care for, but none the less did the job for which they ran. They continue to receive my vote.

Your children are leaving, businesses are closing, the employment base leaves much to be desired and you complain on trivialities. These are the questiond that need to be answered: WHO will do what needs to be done? WHO will do so in an EFFECTIVE manner? AND WHO will stand and state "Althought the decision was a bad one, I made it" THIS is the individual you elect.

Good Luck Cenla.

Friday, September 08, 2006


As I have watched the blogging on this site degrade from informative to "re-formative", I will now be monitoring content. If a post uses language that a normal individual would consider foul (you know what I mean) and racialy inciting I will delete it. This people is why nothing gets done in this town. Work together and move in the same direction -- cooperatively. No one has ever been won over by being insulted.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Here's your sign!

Where oh where did I put all of those signs?

Yes it is a felony to interfere with political signs. I have had one or two "displaced" from my yard. People actually came on to private property to do so ... oh the horror. Don't we have more important issues at hand?

I would presume that the candidate that stated "they disappeared as Delores' signs appeared" has proof of this ... a good attorney might take this and turn it into a Slander/Libel suit.

On another note, does anyone have an extra fire hose?