Sunday, May 07, 2006

Cenla Antics

Cenla Antics

In reading today's issue of the Town Talk, I was rather taken a back to find that this blog has attracted so much attention. Although I appreciate Mr. White's request of posting authors using their real names, he seems to not understand that it defeats the purpose of the blog. Would Mr. White stand and deliver if he had a problem with his neighbor? (use a scenario that fits here folks). I think not ... it would cause undue harm to relationship that needs to work. Hence the anonymity postings on this blog. Mr. White I applaud your interest and your intent; however, I do not think that it will work in all cases.

Now Mr. White to stir the pot a little. IF the Town Talk and KALB actually did a little investigative reporting this blog would be a moot point now would it not? In they're selective reporting, they have sewn the seed that created Cenla Antics. So Mr. White, in finding the answers to the many questions being asked by the public, would not the "real" media use unidentified sources?

In closing, I am aware that I need to spend some time on archiving old postings. I hope to have this done within the next week or two. I would also like to address a statement made on this blog a few postings back. I have never deleted any postings on this blog. In my opinion to do so would again, take away from the purpose that created this blog.

I remain,