Thursday, November 29, 2007

Redirect ... Redirect

The intention of this blog is to draw out an intelligent discussion of changing the changable, disposing of the disposible and to help redirect the cities of Central Louisiana in a positive direction for all of it's citizens. The discussion is not to find out who is sleeping with whom or for the use of personal attacks.

Try this for an assignment ... How can Chuck Wagner and Chris Roy change what is perceived as being wrong with their respective offices? Folks, it's like this ... put up or shut up!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

You can now answer your phone ...

It's over. Althought I predict that it will still be very interesting to watch what changes, what stays the same, and what disappears in a shell game. The rumors never truly end do they?

After visiting multiple polling places today, I was not surprised at the low turnout. The perfect storm formed today; the LSU game, hunting season and voter apathy. When negative campaigning begins people don't know who to believe and the rumors fly. Very much an old politcal trick, I believe the military calls it "disinformation".

On another note, I have a few personal observations. Michele, yes I am still speaking to you, why would I not? Your report thought was a little Dan Ratherish, if you catch my drift. A big bird told me tonight that William Earl visited the Wagner celebration and was booed. I hope not, that is truly bad manners. I was tempted earlier today to the possibility of sending Laurel wreaths to the winner's of the various races. Then I had a thought, would they even know what the wreaths meant? That's the problem these days ... everyone is to literal, not enough allegorical thinkers or moderates for that matter ...

Friday, November 16, 2007


Tomorrow marks the culmination of two local "hot" races. Maxwell vs. Roy and Slocum vs. Wagner, seem to be the only things being discussed media wide in Central Louisiana. Althought all concerned stated their preference for a "clean" campaign, Louisiana being Louisiana, multiple sources have of course, made that a promise unfilled.

Most of the campaign fodder is so pathetic that it borders on the absurd. The one thing we have not heard is that "my opponent's dog bit the Postman twice last year, and three times the year before!" Personally, I want to know why I should vote FOR you, not against your opponent. One of my biggest turnoffs to vote for an individual are the organization behind them. No I do not mean Democrat or Republican, I have voted for both parties. I vote for the candidate.

Investigate your choices, and take a long look at how the landscape will appear after the election. Many have walked into a beautiful field only to find it laden with landmines.

Until we as a voting public stand up and say enough is enough, we can only expect more of this stupidity. Whom ever is elected to either post, will at least by me, be held accountable to do their jobs. Do what is best for the city, parish and state and you will always have my vote. Do otherwise and I will vote (and campaign) against you the next election.

Conservatively yours ... as always

Monday, November 05, 2007

Twelve Days Left ...

The two hot races in Alexandria are the Sheriff's race and the House Dist. 25th race. I would guess that shortly things will get a little testy, after all this is Louisiana.