Monday, November 03, 2008

Nov 4 is finally here!

To say tomorrow history will be made is an understatement. It however is not in the way you think.

Could it be that Barack Obama is Huey Long reincarnated? A chicken in every pot. Never has this country partaken of the Markist idealogy than it will should Barack Obama be elected as the 44th President tomorrow. Wake up America ... take your country back! We have allowed the lunatics to take over the asylum. In our apathy, we have allowed stupidity to regein. We allow OUR elected officials to subjugate themselves to parties rather than the people who put them into office.

We have watched as the media has decided not to relay information on candidates in order to influence the elections. In turn they have released hogwash (knowing that it was), in order to turn voters from other candidates. If a repudation is made later, it shows up in the hidden caches of printdom, somewhere between Aunt May's Miracle Constipation Formula Ad's and Carpet's R Us will clean any house for a Buck-forty.

Politics is a thinking man's game. A true American should be able to see through the spin and research on their own. People vote without knowing what they are voting for! Ask someone why they are voting, is it a credible decision? If they vote on economics, do they truly understand theory or just the pocket book?

Am I voting for John McCain and Sarah Palin? Yes. Why? It is not because Obama is a Democrat and not because he is black (Oh my God! someone finally said it!) It is because he hasn't a clue. About what? Where do I start. Joe Biden? You think he is an embarrasement now, just wait.

Mary Landrieu? Been there long enough and has never supported the overall interests of the people of Louisiana just the interests of Mary Landrieu. John Kennedy? Yes, fiscal conservative. Even his own party kept asking "Why are you a Democrat?". I voted for him when he was a Democrat so why not now?

Nough said.

Friday, September 05, 2008

I bow to the populace ...

A new thread as per your wishes (and threats!)