Friday, January 26, 2007

Ad Nauseum

I apologize again for being remiss in posting a new thread. Apparently it is do to my being a "bad businessman" a "racist" a "bigot" and "Adolf Hitler".

I wish to communicate the following to certain segments of this blog:

1) this blog was initially set up for the use of like minded individuals. Those being intelligent, pragmatists who wanted to better their community. It has been taken over by illiterate, ner-do-wells who spread their self hatred and inadequecies upon those who don't wish to hear it and are villified and otherwise disgusted.

2) The number one reason I have chosen to answer these assinine remarks: Lamar is a very insightful individual. He is entitled to his opinions as ufortunately are you. Lamar's physical condition does not belong any where on this blog. Neither does who is sleeping with whom. To those that have been injured by the phycologically stupid bloggers here, I apologize deeply as do the other intelligent individuals that read and post on Cenla Antics.

3) Mr. Gregg Aymond, Do not come onto this blog and attack everyone and not expect to be attacked yourself. Mr. Aymond has taken it upon himself to threaten a lawsuit against me, because someone has apparently accused him of misconduct. Is this not what he is accusing others of? Mr. Aymond, I am a private citizen and not subject to the constraints of an elected official. Challenge me sir, Please. Apparently you have done quite well in your profession and while sitting back in your luxurious office can spend as much of your time as you want enflaming everyone that you deem a threat to you. I do not have the time or money to fight you, but fight I will.

4) Mr. Geoffrey Clegg, I am not a racist, marxist, or a bigot. Nor do I teach this philosophy. Do you understand that statement.

5) I served as the Parish Chairperson for the Bush/Cheney Campaign. I did so because I believe in the political process. I did so because I was tired of seeing my country go to hell while others sat and bitched. Many people have thought that I was a Democrat due to my stance on certian issues. I served on two foundation boards while in New Orleans ... one was environmental the other served in a medical capacity to help the third worlds children. The point is I have served.

6) Mr. Aymond, perhaps I should let you sue me. That way when you suppoena the IP addresses we can all see, who the stupid, vile and repulsive are.

7) THIS BLOG IS HERE TO STAY...if you don't like it, don't read it ... it's not a hard concept to understand.

8) If you don't like the two party system we have and you only want your way ... LEAVE THE COUNTRY.

9) Get back to work and do something worthwhile ... for yourself, your family, your country, your state and YOUR COMMUNITY