Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Congratulations AG Foti?

Hmm, do we thank AG Foti for doing his job or wonder if there was another reason for his decision? I have thought for awhile on this perplexity. One wonders with the Landreau - Foti ties, that the "decision" of the AG was geared more by politics than law. Mitch's slate was cleaned in the New Orleans Mayor's race, the traditional Landreau political base. Mary, it seems will be in a real political battle for her office, hence her recent attempted retreat into conservatism. Charlie's (Foti) recent identification by James Carville as unable to spell "law" even if "he was given the L and the A". Could this all add up to an all out attack on Louisiana old line politicians? Perhaps Foti's decision was based more on a "heads down" mentality rather than law. I think I will name this the Shhh affect -- political camoflage. Why ring the doorbell and let people know your at the door when you can just walk in without drawing attention to yourself? My opinion: AG Foti's decision was based on not stirring up the population for the upcoming election cycle rather than upholding the law. The question at this point is his office. Will Louisianians consider him non commital or ineffectual? Either way he loses.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Foti versus Alexander

Foti = Landrieu = New Orleans old school machine
Alexander = local boy, energetic NOT a member of the machine.

I know both of these gentleman. My family ties with Foti go back aways, my grandfather taught Charlie's mother how to drive. They lived across the street from one another.

I met Royal while he was Clyde Holloway's Chief of Staff. I've only known Royal for around 5 or 6 years now and would gladly cast my vote in his direction.

You can bet by the way that AG Foti will allow Mr. Breaux to run. You have no idea how entrenched the "New Orleans" crowd is ... or perhaps I should say south Louisiana.

Wake up people, before long we won't have a population much less a coast line.