Thursday, March 22, 2007

Breaux for Governor?

I fail to see why he can even consider the possibility? I am not an attorney and ask for an insiteful discourse here folks.

Residency is the issue here. In order for Mr. Breaux to "qualify" he must be a citizen of the state of Louisiana. He has a Maryland drivers license and is registered to vote there. So his LEGAL residence is in Maryland. He has to spend a day more than half the year to qualify for this residency. Therefore he IS a citizen of Maryland, not Louisiana. If he wants to return to Louisiana to help in it's recovery he can move his office here and by office I mean private sector. He is not qualified to run for any office in Louisiana ... if he wants to be Governor he can run in Maryland. If he wants to be Governor of Louisiana, he can move back and run in 2012.

Nuff said ....

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

David Vitter endorses Giuliani

Senator Vitter has joined the Giuliani Presidential campaign as the Southern Regional Chair.

Rudy's qualifications for President, in my opinion, are credible. Althought his philosophical leanings are quite liberal for the Republican party, Rudy has to win over the conservatives in the south to have a winable campaign. If he promises to follow the parties philosophies and not his own he can win over the conservative religious south. This I believe, will be the only way to truly win the vote. His personal life may bring up a few points of interest but after the Clinton years, can one really introduce Rudy's rather tame lifestyle? After all what is the definition of "is"?

Having personally met Mr. Giuliani, I found him to be both personable and cordial. His energy is postive and focused. This is not to be consrewed as a personal endorsement, as I have not met (so far) any of the other possible or declared candidates. More to come ....

Monday, March 05, 2007

Are you up to it?

This year we start another round of statewide and local elections.

This year we will elect a new Governor. Current polls place 1st District Congressman Bobby Jindal at the top, polling above 60%. Governor Kathleen Blanco isn't mustering half of that percentage.

From what I have "web garnered", the voting public is unhappy with the entire current top tier of government, with the exception of State Treasurer John Kennedy.

On the local level, we will be electing/re-electing State Senators, State Representatives, Coroners, Tax Asssessors, Police Juryman, Clerks of Court and Sheriffs.

So far candidates announced are Glenn Beard for State Rep Dist. 25; Herbert Dixon, State Rep Dist. 26. The big race looks to be the Sheriff's race (Rapides Parish). William Earl's retirement leaves a field of three vying for the job: Mike Slocum, Bill Robinson and Chuck Wagner. Already my ears have heard the rumblings of what may turn out to be a rough race. The dumptrucks are being prepped.

Anyone care to guess who will take the elections?