Monday, December 18, 2006

Oh my God!, I've been outed !!!

For God's sake people, my ownership of this blog has never been a secret. Those of you who ACTUALLY know me, know that I do not readily have the time to "sit" on this blog. I have a business, a new daughter, home renovations, community involvement, etc ...

If this blog is so unpopular than why have a vast array of similar blogs e-blossomed? They have actually capitalized on the name through their highly intelligent creativity (same name different blog company, or by the spelling of Antics with an "x"). Why? No original thought process ... "Beam me up Scotty" ... I did not know that Alexandria had so many parrots.

Jacques, good luck my friend, it's a hard battle to fight but fight the good fight ... there are individuals within this community who think for themselves, do what they can for the community and now matter how much unfiltered horse manure is spread, are still able to grow healthy and useful "seedlings" not weeds.


Quint Carriere